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Victoria's Secret Sauce


Do you like your burgers spicy? You can bet your sweet buns McSoli’s can deliver! Try out this new luxurious happy meal on your body. Enjoy the succulent sesame seed bra held only together by the soft crunch and sensation of lettuce wrapped behind one's shoulders and waist. Sink your teeth into these delicious buns that cover all the delectable goods inside, including the tender burger meat, cheese, and tomatoes! Want pickles with that? Our pickle pasties have you covered--barely. 

This whole combo meal can be yours at such a great value! All you have to do is download and install this mod! This set is not dyable. 

Replaces Chimerical Felt Doublet of Crafting and Chimerical Felt Skirt. The pickle nipples go on the Green Summer Halter. All of this can be changed upon install.   

Made for all tall ladies.   

Thank you to Estelle Peacock for the rl inspiration for this design. Sel and Bizu for the uBibo body, Tae for the silly, yet delicious suggestion, Ling for the mouthwatering preview edits, and SerenaTea for the scrumptious descriptions.

P.S. April Fools

P.P.S. But this really is a mod you can download and wear.