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Fly like a feather in this gorgeous dyable dress. You may feel as if you are a radiant, yet badass warrior goddess when wearing this beautiful piece. This dress features feathers all throughout, including a skirt with feathers stitched into the very fabric. Extremely versatile, you can wear it to become a lost princess at a ball, an avenging Valkyrie, or maybe even a silly chicken! But really, who DOESN'T wanna be a fierce af dragon Valkyrie queen?!

Colourset row 1 for the skirt and 16 for the rest of the piece. Feathers are row 16 on mat C.

Replaces the Far Eastern Beauty's Robe, can change upon install if you so choose. 

Designed for all tall ladies. 

Thank you to Sel and Bizu for the uBibo body. Special thanks to Ling for preview picture and SerenaTea for the descriptions.