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An outfit that I made to be my primary glam in Endwalker, this includes three equippable pieces:

1. a ripped, belted sweatshirt over a bodycon dress, dyeable, replacing the Bunny Chief Bustier

2. thigh high stockings held up by spiked garters all over high waisted fishnet stockings, dyeable, replacing the Bunny Chief Tights

3. A choker collar with a long chain leash that ties to the belt of the top, colorsetable, replacing the Firecrest Choker

All items can be moved by the installer.

Thanks to Tsar and Illy for the bibo+ medium body. Bibo+ is required for this to work.

Thanks also to Ling for the amazing preview edit!

All my mods are made from scratch in Marvelous Designer, 3ds Max and Substance Painter.

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