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Show Your Pride Earrings

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Show your pride with these cute custom made earrings by SerenaTea!
Replaces Weathered Earrings (Rainbows) and Diamond Earrings (Hearts). Please make sure you are using these and not any variants otherwise the textures might not show properly.

Comes with 2 variants, fitted for everyone both tall and small! One is a cute pixel heart in rainbow colors and the other is a rainbow with 3 small pixel hearts. You can even change the colorset to customize to show off what pride means to you!

Thank you to Luxy for the female midlander, highlander, and roegadyn pictures. Thank you to Sync for the female lalafell and scaleless Au ra pictures!

This is my first time making earrings, let alone for everyone, if there are any issues please let me know in my server! Use #serenateamods on social media, I'd love to see!

Happy Pride!



Colorset Key:
row 1 - red heart
row 2 - orange heart
row 3 - yellow heart
row 4 - green heart
row 5 - blue heart
row 6 - purple heart
row 7 - red rainbow
row 8 - orange rainbow
row 9 - yellow rainbow
row 10 - green rainbow
row 11 - blue rainbow
row 12 - purple rainbow
row 13 - chain