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Ruby Weapon Tracksuit





You'll be unbeatable in this jewel-toned workout gear, which finds it's inspiration in contemporary streetwear, athleisurewear, but adds an Eorzean twist. The dyable set comes with an open-bust cropped hoodie, sports bra with printed band and tech-patterned capris leggings.



Ruby Cotton Coatee,Ruby Cotton Bottoms,(Wind Silk and Ghost Barque Coatee and Bottoms also work)



❤ Thanks to Titan for the skin ❤ Thanks to Mimi for helping me figure out my colorset issue. ❤ The Comfy Sneakers in the screenshots are by Siona. The top and bottom clothing meshes and textures are all my originals. Feel free to do with them as you like, just please send me a screenshot so I can admire your work.