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Rana (Bibo+)


Download Harness Only

Rana is a stylish top with long flowy sleeves, a cute bow tied loosely in the middle, a body harness underneath, and let's not forget those scandalously exposed shoulders.

This piece comes with 3 variations to the fabric: one made of a sheer gauze for those who enjoy the spicier things in life, another with gorgeous embroidery detailing that gives an almost speckled vibe, and the final with a cute star pattern all over the top itself.

Replaces the Faire Joi but the magic of the installer will allow you to change it to something else. An optional harness only version on a ring comes on the Chocobo Egg Ring (right).

Designed for all tall ladies.

Note that the game's animations weren't designed for this kind of sleeve. Expect minor clipping in some poses. 

Thank you to Tsar and Illy for the Bibo+ body. Bibo+ is required to use this mod.
Special thanks to Ling for the title card edits and additional pictures, as well as Meru for more pictures, and SerenaTea for the descriptions.