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Peaches and Pearls: Volume 3


YAB and Uranus Ports by Diacred

Bimbo+ port by Lenore

A pearlescent outfit with an iridescent top and skirt, shawl, and a pearl choker and heels.

Fits all tall ladies. Replaces the Faire Joi, Faire Kohakama, Faire Zori, Black Pearl Bracelet, and the Black Pearl choker.

Thanks to Tsar, Illy and Bizu for the bibo+ body in small, medium, large and xl. Thanks especially to r.b.b. who helped with the outfit design and previews! Thanks also to Kaylee for the additional preview. Finally, thank you to Diacred who graciously ported this to Uranus and YAB!

Note that the shawl and skirt may stretch, clip or float in some poses. The game doesn't really have bones for these.