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Peaches and Pearls, Vol. 2


Bimbo+ Port by SweetG

This r.b.b.-designed set features a pearl necklace top with optional pasties, pearl draped bottoms, lace gloves, a pearl bracelet and pearl and diamond strap heels.

For the heels to work you should set your heels plugin to about 0.03. The lace is fully dyeable. Pearls are on row 16 of mat C if you want to colorset them. Pearls may get a little messy on larger chest sizes. If this bothers you too much, I'm always happy to offer refunds.

Replaces the southern seas swimsuit and tanga, empyrean bracelet and nezha lady's gloves and longboots.

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All of my mods are made from scratch in Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter and 3ds Max. All proceeds are matched 100% and go to charity.

Thanks to Tsar and Illy for the bibo+ small body, Highlife 3D for the licensed base shoe model, and r.b.b. for the design, preview shots and cover art.