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Solona and TetsuTea

Neo-Queen Serenity


A collaboration between TetsuTea and Solona! This pack includes a dress, veil, makeup and poses.

The outfit fits all tall ladies replaces the Faerie Tale Princess's Dress and Veil. An opaque skirt option is available.

The makeup fits Miqo F 01, Viera F 01, Middie F 01 , Aura F 01/101 and 02/102 and comes with transparent files.

Thank you so much to TetsuTea for all of her work to make this pack come to life. The makeup, poses and preview pictures are all outstanding! Thanks also to Tsar, Illy and Bizu for the Bibo+ small body.

All of my work is created from scratch in Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter and 3ds Max.

100% of proceeds from this item will go to Last Chance for Animals.