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Solona Designs



Perhaps she is nothing but a beautiful dream.
The culmination of the daydream, this gorgeous dress has flowers tumbling down, cascading to the bottom. It is broken into 2 pieces, a corset with a tiny peephole for showing off the navel, and gorgeous sheer sleeves that leave the shoulder bare; and a long, sheer skirt with a light dusting of flowers. The outfit can also be worn as a bodysuit without the skirt.
You'll feel like you are living in a daydream with these light and flowy pieces added to your ever growing glamour collection. 
Replaces Peacock Robe and Peacock Skirt, but may be changed via the installer.
Designed for tall ladies. 
Many thanks to Sel and Bizu for the uBibo body, Meru for the whimsical preview pics, Ling for the edited preview, and SerenaTea for the descriptions