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Kugane Pop





Step aside Songbirds, this kpop-inspired outfit will make you everyone's favorite idol! This print fabric of this half-cropped jacket and skirt blazer dress are dyeable and are completed with matching sequin trim, diamond-inlay seat belts and bracelets and silk bike shorts under the skirt. The brushed aluminum and gold buckles are guaranteed to hold it together during your dance routine. Pair with your favorite combat boots or the Docs from Brume Rat. Now then, let's kill this ~~love~~ primal. Edits: 1.1 - Touched up loose shoulder straps.



Best Man's Jacket,Best Man's Slacks



Thanks to BlackPink's costume designer for the outfit inspiration, Io for the suggestion and Titan Firm for the medium skin. The pose used in the cover photo was made by Johnto. All clothing meshes and textures are mine. Feel free to use any way you like, just send me a screenshot so I can admire your work.