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A bodysuit made of 42 belts, but who's counting? Comes with a collar, bolero and bodysuit in top and bottom.

Replaces the Craftsman's Coverall Tops and Bottoms, the Cait Sith Necklace and the Ronkan bracelet of casting. Fits all tall ladies and middie based male characters.

The white side dyes. But the black is easily changed on the colorset. It takes up two rows (one for belts the other fabric).

For the male version, please install the fem version first to get the textures! Sorry for this inconvenience. 

Thanks to Tsar, Illy and Bizu for Bibo+ small, medium and large. Thanks to Leif for the preview shots and Meru for the title edit! And thanks to Panthea for the male port and Rae for the male preview pic.