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Festival Girl





The frozen wastes of the Coe~~rthas~~chella highlands are gonna heat up when you show up to see your favorite bards rock out on their lutes in this outfit! A boho crochet top covers floral lace bralette. My take on denim shorts has a lot of destruction on the front to expose some lace pockets. The top is dyable, and the bralette color can be changed via colorset. The shorts won't dye well, but come with a few choices in the second mod linked on the mod page. I'm happy to add more on demand. Several close-ups of the detail work can be seen on the mod page slide show. 



Thavnairian Bolero,Spring Bottoms



Thanks to TitanFirm for the medium-sized skin and lace textures on the pocket. All other meshes and textures are mine. You're welcome to use them anyway you like.