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Denim Shorts

Download Bibo+ Version

Download Gen 2 Version (many colors and dyeable)


These are the shorts from my Festival Girl mod, but these come in many colors. The subtle textures don't play well with the games dyeing system. The installation wizard will let you choose your color and print, including a dyeable option. Sample images are in the mod page slideshow. I'm happy to add more upon request. Check out my other mods for casual tops to pair with this. Current colors available include: * Blue * Black * White * Pink * Camo * Pink Camo 



Spring Bottoms



Thanks to Tsar and Illy for the Bibo+ small body. Thanks to Titan for the gen 2 medium-sized gams and lace textures. Everything else is mine. Use it anyway you like. Just send me a pic so I can admire your work.