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Clockwork Alchemist


A steampunk outfit in five parts:

1. Corset - Augmented Neo-Ishgardian Top of Casting

2. Gathered Skirt - Augmented Neo-Ishgardian Bottoms of Casting

3. Gloves - Augmented Neo-Ishgardian Gloves of Casting

4. Goggles - Augmented Neo-Ishgardian Hat of Casting

5. Gear Earrings - Immaculate Ear Cuffs of Cast

Thanks to Taeyeon for the cover art, Lilith, Tenebris and Iza for the additional screenshots, Tsar and Illy for the Bibo body, which has been customized to fit a corsetted look. Thanks also to Capus Design for the corset base mesh and for the goggle base mesh. The goggles are available free as a standalone download here.