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A contemporary kimono top in several prints. The kimono top replaces the Far Eastern Schoolgirl's Hair Ribbon. The mod comes with a few undershirt options: a bra on the Gryphonskin Breastguard or a cropped t-shirt on the Extreme Survival Shirt or smallclothes. The kimono top can also be worn over other skin-tight shirts, but YOU MUST add extra skeleton settings to them in the metadata tab or else your sleeves won't move. I've added a tutorial image on what you need to set in the slide show here. I will not be fixing any clipping on other shirts. 



Far Eastern Schoolgirl's Hair Ribbon, Gryphonskin Breastguard, Extreme Survival Shirt



I was lucky to work with the incredible artistic talent Cerise on this project. Thank you so much for the suggestion and beautiful screenshots! Thanks also to TitanFirm for the medium body.