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Solona Designs



Blossom into Spring!

Flowers are abundant in this spring dress, which features delicate sakura blossoms scattered neatly around the sides, along the adorable frill at the bottom, and along the sleeves. Cinched all together with a belt showcasing a flower in the middle, the sleeves are finished with the same basic design. This precious dress also includes a cape, weighted as best I could, but there will be some clipping. It's clasped together with a ribbon, a puffball and more flowers! 

Made from scratch and inspired by an outfit from LoveNikki

Made for all tall ladies. 

Replaces: Quaintrelle's Ruffled Dress (Top) and Peach Blossom Choker (Cape)

Special thanks to Sel for the Unified Body, Faye for modeling, Ling for the title card, and SerenaTea for the descriptions.