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Ballerina & Bodycon





This kpop-inspired outfit includes a tight, belted, body-conforming mini sweater dress with jewel-studded sleeves and matching studded necklace. An optional tutu can be worn on top, or with anything else you like! ✅ It's all dyeable. ✅ Many more in-game screenshots can be seen on the mod page slide show. ⚠ The bodycon dress is really tight and made for T&F medium. Anything bigger on bottom will clip, so you'll need to resize it if you want to wear something larger. <:patreon:519370121911992332>



Quaintrelle's Ruffled Dress, Quaintrelle's Ruffled Skirt



Thanks so much to for the idea and for the lovely screenshot poses, BlackPink's costume designer for the outfit combo, , part of who's pose I used in one of my shots, and of course for his medium skin. All cloth textures and meshes are mine. Feel free to use them as you like, but please send me a screenshot so I can admire your work!