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Ashen Dream




This leather and brocade bustier corset tops a billowing taffeta silk skirt and are accented by a gold armband. A set of tights and matching bottom follow the line of the bustier and are decorated with a subtle moon and stars print. 



Ravel Keeper's Chestwrap of Healing/Casting, Edencall Wristband of Healing, Bridesmaid's Tights



Sepcial thanks to for the screenshots and poses used on the cover was made for this dress and is linked. The pose of me with the aurora is by and available on their discord. Thanks to for her Golden Drop necklace that I used as the armband (original necklace in the links), and for the textures on that necklace. Thanks also to for the medium skin and underwear and SE for the tights mesh. The dress meshes and textures are original, as are the tights textures.